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Microsoft has Changed its Keyboards for First Time in 30 Years

Computer Keyboards Changed After 30 Years, Announce to Add New Button.

After 30 years, Microsoft, the Company that Operates Computer and Laptops, has Announced a Changed to the Keyboards by Adding a New Button.

The last change to a half keyboard in current keyboards or laptops used around the world was in the 1990s and will be changed again in 2024.

New Button:

Microsoft said in its blog post that the new button Copilot will be added instead of the Windows button on the keyboard.

That is, no additional buttons will be given in the keyboard, but the old button will be removed and the new button will be given in it, and possibly the keyboards made after mid-2024 will start to be made with the new button.

Similarly, new laptops will also start to be made with new buttons and in this regard, Microsoft has also partnered with other device manufacturers including keyboards.

Users will be able to access artificial intelligence (AI) tools by clicking the new button Copilot. Users will also be able to access Windows features under the same button.

With the new button, Microsoft will connect all computers with AI tools and users will be able to use artificial intelligence features while doing many tasks.

It should be noted that keyboards were first developed in the world after 1850 in the form of typewriters and they continued to undergo changes for many decades and keyboards were given different names.

Modern computer keyboards and laptop keyboards appeared after the 1950s and were further improved after the 1970s and by the 1980s the mouse was considered part of the computer and keyboard.

The last button on computer and laptop keyboards was added to Windows in the 1990s and will now be replaced by the Copilot button.

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