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Sajal Aly Turned Down the Lead Role Offer in Hollywood

Sajal Aly Revealed about Turning Down Lead Role in a Hollywood Film.

Pakistani Film Indusry Actress Sajal Aly has revealed that she was offered the lead role in the film by Hollywood but could not accept the offer.

Sajal Aly stated that she was approached for a significant Hollywood project with an intriguing story. However, she mentioned that she could not do a bold scene in the film.

Sajal stated that I didn’t want to let my followers and the nation down because even if I had managed to film that moment, they would have always connected me with it.

Sajal Aly also discussed in the interview how people in the industry are behaving differently now that she’s acted in the Bollywood movie “Mom.”

He said that people started speculating as to how Sajal could be chosen for a role with late actress Sridevi.

The actress said that these kinds of things made me depressed because I have worked with the talented and versatile actresses of our industry, Sania Saeed and Nadia Jameel, for me they are as talented as Sridevi.

Sajal expressed that she got selected in India after her work in Pakistan was noticed.

She observed that she began gaining respect in the Pakistani industry due to her accomplishments in Bollywood. She pondered on when talent in her own country would be acknowledged based on merit.

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