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Sarwat Gilani Faces Criticism for Photoshoot with Pregnancy

Pakistani Actor Sarwat Gilani Face Criticism Photoshoot with Pregnancy.

Sarwat Gilani is being Criticized on Social Media for doing a Photoshoot with a Pregnancy, and People have Also Come in Support of her.

The actress confirmed in October that she is expecting her third child and recently did a pregnancy photo shoot for a magazine.

The pictures of the actress doing a photo shoot with her pregnancy went viral on social media, for which while people criticized her, users also supported her.

Users expressed their opinion on the actress by sharing her photos on social media.

A female user shared Sarwat Geelani photos on Twitter and took them with open arms and wrote that what was the need for the actress to do a photoshoot with her stomach?

He also linked Sarwat Gilani’s act with shamelessness.

Dozens of people commented on the female user’s tweet, supported Sarwat Gilani and asked when it became a shame to be pregnant?

TV anchor Absa Komal also supported Sarwat Gilani and gave a sharp answer to the woman who connected her pregnancy with shamelessness, how did she come into this world?

Some users wrote in a critical manner that Sarwat Gilani should have gone into hiding after getting pregnant, lest her promiscuity break the male ablution of Pakistan.

Some users even made hilarious comments that her baby, her will.

Some users wrote that becoming a mother is a beautiful part and process of every woman’s life, since when did it become a shame to be pregnant.

The men and women of Pakistan will never understand the beauty of a woman’s motherhood.

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