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State Bank of Pakistan Told how to Identify Fake Rs 5000 Notes

The State Bank Explain how to Identify Features of Fake Rs.5000 Notes.

The State Bank of Pakistan issued a detailed explainer on Identify features of Fake Rs 5000 Notes after it Reportedly Came up in a Senate Committee Meeting.

The action was taken in response to Kamil Ali Agha, a committee member, showing counterfeit notes at the meeting and drawing attention to the urgent problem of the circulation of counterfeit money.

Regarding this, the SBP has released a YouTube video explaining the distinctive characteristics of the Fake Rs.5000 Notes.

The explainer lists multiple marks including the use of optical variable ink on the Pakistani flag, raised marks for visually impaired people, silver thread, watermark and hidden figures.

The matter came into light when the Senate Standing committee on finance met on Tuesday and Chairman Saleem Mandviwala produced a Rs.5000 note he asked the SBP deputy governor how they would determine if it was genuine or if it was counterfeit.

Mandviwala had asked the deputy governor to create a policy on counterfeit money after he admitted that he was unable to identify if the note was fake or real.

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