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Shahid Afridi’s reaction to Imran Khan’s arrest

Shahid Afridi comments on Imran Khan’s arrest, emphasizing support.

Shahid Afridi’s who is on a visit to the US, reacted to Imran Khan‘s arrest while speaking to Voice of America but refrained from directly answering the sentence.

According to Afridi, I was a member of PTI from 1996 to 2021, I cast my first vote for Imran Khan in 2013, but I have just come to America to play cricket.

Shahid Afridi said that I believe that Allah Almighty gives a lot to man in life but it is up to man to handle it, I believe that there is a lot to learn in life and I pray that whatever happens is better.

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Shahid Afridi, in response to the question whether the Prime Minister will appear in person in future or not, said that I do not want to get involved in these things and I have no interest. I am highly honored by Allah.

Shahid Afridi is on a visit to America

In response to a question, Shahid Afridi replied with a smile that I am doing politics, what politicians are doing, I am doing the same in the service of Pakistan and the people.

The former Test cricketer said that service to humanity is a great act. I am from a country with many problems, but this country has given me something I never thought possible. To me, there is no other country more beautiful. This is the best country.

Shahid Afridi termed PCB’s decision to send the Pakistani team to India for the World Cup as the right choice and said that politics and cricket should be kept separate because Pakistan has always stood by India in difficult times. Our government supported the Indian government despite Bal Thakray’s threats.


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