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Who is 321 Pillay?

His real name is Awais he is now known as 321 Pillay.

Awais alias 321 Pillay said in an interview with the YouTube channel “Chilte Phirte” that continue to work hard, don’t back down from hard work, work hard in 6 months, God willing your name will also come.

The youtuber asked what were you before becoming famous and what are you after becoming famous?
Earlier I used to make stories, then I came up with 321 Pillay dialogues, which became so popular, now you can see them everywhere in the world.

Which companies are now inviting you?
I still get calls from companies but I am now focusing on my channel.

Who suggested making a video?
The guy who made a shirt-tearing video with me is Tanveer, he said 321 Pillay, which is 321 Pillay in my style, I said in the video that video was seen by 5 million people and the next one was seen by 25 million people.

Did you make the video yourself?
Tanveer said say 321 Pillay then he tore his shirt is the real guy behind the camera.

What kind of life did you lead?
Before I became famous, no one used to bother me. Now, I have left the house for a week. Ten to fifteen people are outside the house every day.

Do you accept it?
Yes, I deserve this honor because I have been working hard for the last four years, I have made many stories, but I have not received any salary.

Now every video of mine goes to millions now people call my dad and ask about me my dad passed away recently.

When I used to go for a job, no one asked me, now people say come, sit for two hours and go.

Who is the girl you work with?
Seher is actually my wife who got success from me.

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