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TikToker Shahtaj Khan Nude Photoshoot Sparks Outrage

Pakistani Tiktoker Shahtaj Khan shares some Bold Photoshoots, Nude photoshoot gets massive reaction.

In our society, daring fashion typically brings criticism. Tiktoker Shahtaj Khan was no exception when she released her Nude photos.

Shahtaj Khan abandoned her inhibitions and went semi-naked in a recent photo shoot, eliciting heated reactions from social media users.

Moreover, is said to have gone a step further than other Pakistani TikTokers by getting naked for a disputed shoot that was widely posted online. Khan is said to enjoy traveling to be in the spotlight.

The model was spotted posing aggressively for the photo shoot while dressed in a variety of tiny outfits, leaving nothing to the imagination. Khan participated in an elaborate nude photoshoot while wearing everything from scarlet knickers to a black top and skin-tight leggings.

As the photographs ignited a new scandal, social media users swarmed the comments section, questioning the session’s objective. Some people even made derogatory remarks to convey their outrage.

People have ridiculed her over these images, claiming, “She is a sinner, and the one who is posting these images and making people aware of this vulgarity is also a part of this sin.”

Another Person mocked her for her attire, saying, ‘Lol.. your Government loves this.. and PEMRA…!’ You can’t say anything or Aurat March will come after you!’. Another Person said to her, ‘What was the point of posting the pictures, man…?? ‘She did it, and you’re encouraging it.’

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