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3 Pakistanis Among 16 Died in Dubai Residential Building Fire

Massive Dubai residential fire claims 16 lives, including 3 Pakistani.

The fire broke out at midday on Saturday on the fourth floor of the Dubai Residential building in the Al-Ras neighbourhood in the old part of the city.

Four Indians, three cousins from Pakistan, and a woman from Nigeria are reportedly among the dead. According to reports citing a local social worker; nevertheless, the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs remained silent on the subject until Sunday afternoon.

The building’s fourth level is where the conflagration is said to have originated. According to reports in international media. Almost 12:35 pm is when rescue personnel are notified of the fire. Firefighters and medical personnel arrived at the building in a hurry to begin the evacuation and putting out the fire. Within nearly two hours, the fire was brought under control, and cooling operations were then initiated.

The combustion, however, appears to have been triggered by a failure to comply with building security and safety rules, according to preliminary investigations; nonetheless, a full report on the accident’s causes has not yet been released.

Huge flames can be seen erupting from the residential building in clips that are circulating online.

The rigorous regulations for materials used in building exteriors and safety exits are well-known in the United Arab Emirates.

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