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72% of Pakistani Women’s Smoke Cigarettes on Regular

72% Pakistani women are regular cigarette smokers as per recent study.

Around 72% of Pakistani women’s smoke cigarettes regularly, according to the audit report released at the Public Accounts Committee hearing.

Officials from the Pakistan Tobacco Board released startling statistics revealing an alarming annual cigarette consumption of 80 billion cigarettes across the nation. Sadly, no data on the age distribution of cigarette consumers is available. However, it was disclosed before the committee that an astounding 72% of Pakistani women actively smoke cigarettes, according to a thorough survey.

The revelations have sparked questions about the root causes of the high prevalence of female smokers in the nation, which have alarmed both authorities and the general public.

The discovery of the high rate of female smokers in Pakistan has now attracted the attention of the general public, highlighting the urgent need for awareness campaigns and actions to address the problem.

Health professionals and concerned individuals are pleading with the government and key stakeholders to act quickly to stop the rising trend of female cigarette smoking and its possible negative effects on public health.

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