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8 Indian Navy Officers were Sentenced to Death in Qatar

Qatar has sentenced eight former officers of the Indian Navy to death.

Regarding the death sentence of the Indian Navy officers, The Hindu reported, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has expressed deep concern over the decision and is eagerly awaiting the detailed decision.

Accusers have identified these officers as employees of the Indian intelligence agency RAW, accusing them of spying for Israel while serving in various positions in the Indian Navy. Authorities claim they caught him spying in Qatar.

According to the country’s investigative agency, these officials provided Israel with information about Qatar’s secret program to buy advanced submarines from Italy.

India issued a statement acknowledging the court’s decision: “We have preliminary information that the Qatari court has today delivered its verdict in the case of eight Indian employees of Al-Dahra Company. “We are deeply shocked by the death penalty verdict and are awaiting the detailed verdict. We are in touch with the family and the legal team, and we are exploring all legal options.”

Underscoring the gravity of the situation, the statement emphasized the importance of the case and the commitment of the Indian government to provide assistance. Indian authorities are closely monitoring the case and have assured the public that they will continue to provide consular and legal assistance and will also take up the matter with the Qatari authorities.

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