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A Beggar in London Who Owns a £300,000 Million Private Flat

Simon Wright is a professional London beggar who earn £50,000 a year.

In 2013, Beggar was jailed for breaching an ASBO (Anti Social Behavior Order) banning him from waving in public on the streets of London because of his financial difficulties. The situation was not that bad.

A few weeks after the magistrate’s order, he was once again seen begging in London’s Leicester Square. The intrepid free hawker was arrested again but was later released on bail.

In June 2013, the Daily Mail newspaper reported that the 37-year-old man was seen sitting on the pavement of Putney High Street in south London, dressed in rags.

On a piece of cardboard nearby, he had written in his own hand, “Homeless and Hungry”, but the truth was that he got up from the pavement every night to a £300,000 council estate in the nearby Fulham area. Used to spend the night in the flat which he owns.

Nicky Aiken, councilor for community protection in Westminster, said: “It is a shame that even after two or three convictions someone does not give up their bad habit. We have appointed a team of street wardens to monitor such people.

Many people who give money to Simon Wright in sympathy may not be earning £50,000 a year themselves.

Simon is not the only beggar, there are many destitute people like him on the streets. That is why we urge people not to give money to such people.

The court was also told that Simon would often go to nearby shops to exchange his change for notes and the shopkeepers would also give him an extra two to three hundred pounds in sympathy.

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