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A common symptom of cancer is feeling while eating

Trouble in swallowing food may indicate cancer, warn medical experts.

Tumor growth makes it difficult to swallow food, and experts say this problem, medically known as dysphagia, can be a symptom of head, jaw, neck or mouth cancer. .

And it could possibly be a sign of facial skin cancer. As with the face, persistent swelling in the throat can be a sign of cancer, especially if other symptoms such as sudden weight loss or facial swelling are present.

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According to experts, swallowing problems can also be caused by stomach acidity and are not a sign of malignancy. However, it is best to see a doctor if additional symptoms develop and the swallowing problem worsens over time.

Skin lumps, sudden weight loss, skin changes, persistent bloating, loss of appetite, or voice changes are all typical signs of malignancy. According to experts, apart from difficulty in swallowing, there are four other symptoms of cancer that should never be ignored. Shortness of breath, circulatory problems, difficulty swallowing, and difficulty urinating are symptoms that should not be ignored.

Prevent cancer

It should be noted that recent studies have shown a significant increase in the incidence of cancer among people under the age of 50 in the three decades since 1990. An investigation conducted by the National University of Singapore in August 2023 may have the answer.

A person’s age is still the main risk factor for cancer, but according to studies, there are other factors that are contributing to the rapid development of the disease in young people.

According to research, there are many factors contributing to this, including changes in diet, lifestyle changes, sleep patterns, increased obesity and air pollution. Researchers have shown that young people are the demographic where certain cancers of the stomach or related organs are spreading the fastest.

Young people are more likely to develop bowel cancer, while rates of cancers of the pancreas and other gastrointestinal organs have also increased. According to research, people aged 39 to 39 years are also facing the fastest spread of cancer.

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