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According to Mohib Mirza no man can be noble

Pakistani actor Mohib Mirza said: a woman can be noble but not a man.

Latest News, In a recent podcast interview, the host asked Mohib Mirza who makes the decisions in his household. Mohib replied that my house is not a house of dictation.

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In response to the host’s question about how women are generally more active in every home because every gentleman listens to his wife. Mohib asked the presenter who said that I am a gentleman?

Mohib said my house is a place where both of us run, unlike those houses where usually only women run.

According to the latest news, the actor said, I am not a gentleman, if you are a gentleman, you cannot be a gentleman! This is nonsense, if anyone says so. A man and a woman should not be under the illusion that a man will be noble.

The host raised a question on Mohib Mirza’s claim and said, “Do you think a woman can be noble?” On which Mohib admitted that a man cannot be noble but a woman can be.

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