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Acid Attack at Woman in Karachi Liaquatabad Area

Lady was severely burned in Liaquatabad after an alleged acid assault.

According to the police, the woman was attack by acid and has severe burn injuries. The suspect allegedly threw acid on the victim at her home, according to the authorities.

The patient, who was in severe condition, was sent to the Burns Ward of the Civil Hospital, where she had treatment. She has three children and is close to 50 years old.

The incident is being investigated by police to determine its cause. According to police, a man wearing a burqa splashed acid on the victim before running away.

The police stated that while preliminary information points to a property dispute, it cannot be verified. The victim statement is being recorded, according to the police, and a new phase of the inquiry has begun. Later, according to police, three suspects were apprehended after being recognized by the woman’s family.

According to the victim’s daughter, their neighbor Faisal splashed acid on her mother. She claimed that Faisal entered her home as her mother was sleeping there, opened a bottle, and threw acid on her face. She claimed that once the acid was thrown, her mother began to scream in pain.

Anwar, the woman’s husband, said he wasn’t there when the assault took place. He claimed that his family had been told that Faisal had broken in and thrown something at his wife. He claimed that my wife had pride on her face after the accuser Faisal’s wife claimed it a few days ago.

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