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Actress Jaya Prada was sentenced to imprisonment by the court

Chennai court’s sentences ex-actress Jaya Prada to 6 months in jail.

According to Indian media, this case is several years old and Ram Kumar and Raja Babu, who were business associates of Jaya Prada, were also found guilty.

Sources claim that the actress used to run a movie theater in Chennai which closed due to economic downturn. The employees of the movie theater had filed a case against the actress and her co-workers for deduction of salaries.

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According to reports, Actor admitted to the deductions, pledged to pay the outstanding debts of the theater staff, and asked the court to drop the matter.

The actress’ appeal was rejected by the court, and instead she was sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of 5,000 Rs.

One of the most popular Telugu and Bollywood film actresses of the seventies and eighties, Jaya Prada later gave up showbiz to embrace politics and is currently a BJP activist.

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