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After 15 Months, Kidnapped Minor Girl Recovered

Rawalpindi: 15 months later, kidnapped girl reunited with her parents.

Taj Mina Bibi, minor girl, was kidnapped in March 2022 when she was three years old from in front of her home in the Ratta Amral neighborhood of Rawalpindi. An investigation was started after her laborer father, Ajab Khan, filed a complaint.

The minor girl was eventually retrieved from a Lahore couple. She was found after a family who lived next door to the suspected kidnappers noticed that she did not resemble the couple’s other four children.

A week after she was brought there and kidnapped, the family complained to Manawa police in Lahore. Instead of looking into the couple and filing a lawsuit, the police found the girl and turned her over to the Child Protection Bureau (CPB).

Regional Police Officer (RPO) Rawalpindi’s orders to reopen the kidnapping case led to the police resuming their inquiry. The couple who admitted to abducting the young child were located when police made touch with the CPB and Lahore police.

According to court orders, police contacted the girl parents and ran DNA testing on her. The girl parents received her ultimately after being turned over.

Ajab Khan, the father of the young girl, told a media site that the family was ecstatic about their daughter recovery and that friends had travelled to offer their congratulations.


When he was asked for a DNA test in Lahore, he claimed to have seen his daughter for the first time since her kidnapping.

He claimed that when his daughter saw him, she yelled with delight. When they first saw her two weeks ago, he claimed his daughter insisted on going with her mother.

The girl father claimed that despite his best efforts and the assistance of the police, he was unable to locate his daughter in Lahore, Faisalabad, or even Karachi.

He thanked Allah for helping him locate his daughter and conveyed his thanks. He said that neither the kidnappers nor the Lahore police contacted him following the recovery of the young daughter from the accused home.

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