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Against Child Labor in Pakistan, Mahira Khan Speaks Out

Mahira Khan speak out on distressing cases of child abuse in affluent.

In a touching video posted to social media, Mahira Khan emphasized that influential people involved in instances like Rizwana are fully aware that their road to release on bail is frequently paved. Such actions continue to go unnoticed and without consequence. Utilizing child labor is morally and ethically repugnant in addition to being against the law.

The actress made a passionate appeal for collective awareness, calling for it to protect the purity of these children’s lives and strengthen the future of the country.

Her appeal goes beyond parents who are forced to hire their kids for work because of poor circumstances. No loving parent wants their child to work when that time should be spent learning, having fun, and developing.

The video was sent to Twitter by Nadia Jamil with the message, “When there are cases like Rizwana, there MUST BE ACCOUNTABILITY!” Says

Mahira speaks passionately on the difficulties faced by parents who live in poverty. We can provide their kids a better life and an education instead of abusing them! Mahira also calls on decision-makers to work to reduce poverty. Child abuse and neglect are caused by poverty. It causes hopeless parents to become drug addicts and abandon their kids in the streets, where they are subjected to various forms of abuse.

We all need to call for an increase in the minimum wage and record instances like those involving Rizwana mother and Rizwana herself, where the pay was 10,000Rps. Or the lads from the Sindh Waste Development, whose film I removed in order to protect them; they make $13,000. All are far less than the minimum wage. Mahira emphasizes the fact that child domestic labor is illegal most seriously. Raise our voices together with Mahira to demand #Justice_ForRizwana.

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