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All Pakistani Citizens Safe in Japan Earthquake, Ambassador Confirms

Envoy to Japan confirms all Pakistanis safe after powerful earthquake.

The 7.6-magnitude earthquake that struck Japan on Monday caused thousands of homes to lose power, disrupted flights and rail services to the affected region, and prompted warnings for residents to evacuate. “A hotline has been set up for the Pakistanis stuck in trouble,” the envoy said, according to Reuters.

Additionally, the Pakistani Embassy requested that foreigners residing in Japan’s earthquake-affected coastal prefectures of Ishikawa, Niigata, and Toyama follow local government guidelines.

After a strong earthquake shook the nation, the embassy tweeted that the Japanese government had issued tsunami warnings in Ishikawa, Niigata, Toyama, and their surrounding territories.

“The issue is being monitored by the Pakistani consulate in Tokyo. May Allah (SWT) safeguard each and every one of us. Aa’meen,” the embassy stated further.

Public broadcaster NHK said that the earthquake caused waves to occur along some of the Sea of Japan’s shore, with a greater wave predicted. The waves were about one meter in height.

In remarks that were broadcast on NHK, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stated that citizens should brace themselves for any additional tremors while authorities continue to analyze the extent of the damage.

“People in areas where tsunamis are predicted to occur should evacuate as soon as possible, and residents need to remain vigilant for any additional potential earthquakes,” said Kishida.

NHK broadcast footage of a building in the seaside city of Suzu crumbling in a cloud of dust and people in Kanazawa city cowering under tables while their homes trembled. On the other coast, in Tokyo, the capital, the earthquake also shook the buildings.

According to utilities provider Hokuriku Electric electricity, more than 36,000 households in the prefectures of Ishikawa and Toyama had lost electricity.

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