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Amir Slams BCCI for Childish Behavior Over Asia Cup Fiasco

Amir criticizes BCCI, accusing them of disrespect toward PCB and game.

Amir emphasized the general contempt the BCCI has for the PCB while discussing the Asia Cup standoff regarding the venue.

India has declined to attend the 2023 Asia Cup in Pakistan. In order to break the impasse, the PCB presented a hybrid model. However, media sources indicate that BCCI is not very interested in adopting that either.

“The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is being treated disrespectfully because it has been entirely written off.

It seems like the BCCI is working nonstop to demonstrate that Pakistan cricket, or even the cricket board, has no value at all, Amir added.

It has been demonstrated that our actions have no impact on you. For example, if you warn a child not to eat a chocolate, he will respond, “I will eat it, and I will keep saying that.

Every time PCB orders something, BCCI invents some pathetic justification, such as terrible weather, excessive costs, or security concerns,” he continued.

The 31-year-old responded to concerns over security by defending Pakistan dedication to ensuring a secure environment for cricket.

Amir commended the PCB for providing the International Cricket Council (ICC) visiting group with great hospitality and emphasized that every precaution had been taken to secure their protection.

“Cricket is the sole model, and there are none other. Please allow things to happen calmly rather than with excessive obstinacy like children, whether it is happening in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh.

The ICC crew was in town four days ago, and I was there at the National Cricket Academy in case somebody raised a security concern there as well. They were treated so kindly by PCB,” he said in conclusion.

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