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Balochistan will Present 700bln Budget Today

Balochistan Assembly to receive tax-free budget, 700Bln allocation.

According to the Treasury Department, Finance Minister Engineer Zmarak Khan Achakzai will announce the Balochistan budget at 4pm. The budget is expected to be larger than 700bln.

Furthermore, the expected revenue in the upcoming fiscal year budget is Rs529.3 billion, with the budget deficit potentially exceeding Rs120 billion. Furthermore, the development budget might be in the range of 200 billion.

According to reports, a proposal to generate more than 5,000 positions has been made in order to increase employment chances. Furthermore, government personnel may get a large raise in pay, with a suggested 30% increase under consideration.

In the meantime, the expected earnings from Balochistan resources is Rs60.32 billion.

According to sources, the money from the NFC (National Finance Commission) Award, together with other sources, is expected to yield 413 billion.

The Treasury Department is likely to propose a financial allocation of 90 billion to improve the quality of education in Balochistan in recognition of the importance of education.

Additionally, with a proposed budget of 60 billion, initiatives have been proposed to priorities peace and security. The Treasury Department has also suggested allocating 50 billion to support the healthcare industry.

Priority will be given in the next fiscal year budget to the completion of ongoing initiatives and the development of new collective development projects. According to the Chief Minister, all available resources would be used for public welfare program.

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