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‘Boycott Pak-India Match’ Trends on Social Media

Indian supporters urged boycott before crucial India-Pak ICC match.

Following the national cricket team’s kind greeting in Ahmedabad prior to the match, a few Indian users of X were against India, the host nation, being lenient toward Pakistanis.

“Let’s use #BoycottIndoPakMatch, and make a difference for once,” was the comment that started the trending hashtag on X. Whether you like it or not, the government and BCCI are both too corrupted by money.

“Enemies are always enemies,” Indian internet users said, drawing a connection between the game and the political unrest between the two nations.

Some people urge that musicians not participate in the celebrations scheduled for October 14 before the match, and they also criticize BCCI executives.

Before their thrilling match, set for October 14 in Ahmedabad in the ICC World Cup 2023, India’s warmly welcomed the Pakistani cricket squad.

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