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COAS Asim Munir Met With The Saudi Crown Prince

COAS Asim Munir Met With The Saudi Crown Prince

Saudi Crown Prince MBS and COAS General meet, discuss bilateral ties.

Monday in Riyadh, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir conduct a meeting in which they talked about two nation-state relations, defense cooperation, and other topics were addressed.

During their conversation, the two leaders underscored the complexity and tenacity of the bilateral ties that unite their two friendly nations and addressed issues of defense and military collaboration.

The kingdom’s minister remarked:

“We reaffirmed the strategic alliance between our fraternal countries, appraised the bilateral defense and security ties, and proposed measures to enhance our coordination”

COAS Asim Munir Met With The Saudi Crown Prince

The Army Chief General Asim Munir pilgrimed Umrah the day prior when the Holy Kaaba‘s portals were also unsealed for him.

General Asim Muneer offered nawafal, along with special prayers for the nation’s stability and protection.

The COAS will travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to discuss bilateral military ties when his visit to Saudi Arabia was almost over.

For the time being, the chief of army staff will be visiting Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on diplomacy from January 4 to January 10, as per the Inter-Services Public Relations. The COAS will meet with the senior leaders of these two friendly nations to address issues of mutual interest in bilateral relations and military-to-military coordination with an emphasis on security-related concerns.


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