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Couple Killed in Shot Inside Lahore Court

Fatal shooting at Lahore court: man and woman killed, report’s say.

When armed men began shot at them, they had just arrived at the Lahore session court in preparation for hearing. The reason for the tragic gunshot is yet unknown.

The victims were Sughra Bibi and Muhammad Amin, according to the authorities.

Notably, both victims were present in court because of an ongoing case involving the alleged murders of three members of their family over a property dispute.

In Lahore last year, unidentified assailants murdered a mother and father and strangled a two month old girl while handcuffing them behind their backs in the bathroom of their home.

In a private housing society within the confines of Chung police station, 33 year old advocate Amanat Ali and his family were allegedly slain in their own house.

Amanat’s elderly mother, who was also there in the house when the crime occurred, was unharmed by the mystery perpetrators.

The potential involvement of Amanat’s brother Ameen, one of the victims of today shooting, in the horrifying triple murder case had also been taken into consideration by police officials. Despite being told to do so by the police, Ameen did not appear at the crime scene.

He had lately come out of prison after serving some time inside. Amanat, the deceased’s father, was also assassinated a few years prior, purportedly due to a property dispute.

On court grounds, shootings do happen occasionally. A man fired a pistol at his ex wife at a child custody hearing earlier in May, in a frightening event that revealed security flaws at the City Courts. Saima Saithu, 26, the victim, was taken in serious condition and transported quickly to Civil Hospital.

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