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Crime Rate in Karachi is Increasing Rapidly

Crime surge in Karachi affects citizens’ lives, making it miserable.

Criminals in Karachi make a mockery of the law by committing crime at speed, disappearing into the urban maze, and infusing their victims and the city with fear and uncertainty. The heartbeat of the city can be heard at their every step.

With a staggering eleven crimes reported every hour, Karachi, a booming city, is dealing with an alarming rise in criminal activity.

According to the latest data from the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (Sindh), a total of 8,207 crimes were reported in Karachi in the month of August alone, with an average of 265 incidents per day.

An analysis of this staggering data reveals a 300 percent increase in hacking incidents. There was a 23 percent increase in stolen mobile devices and a 39 percent increase in the number of stolen motorcycles.

In August, 2,582 mobile phones were stolen from residents of Karachi, while 790 motorcycles and 48 vehicles were also stolen from other citizens.

Incidents such as these criminal activities and common street crimes lead to robberies. Cars and motorcycles are often stolen due to carelessness.

Apart from the aforementioned robbery incidents, 4,604 motorcycles and 183 vehicles were also stolen from the citizens of Karachi.

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