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Cyclone Developing in Arabian Sea ‘Could Hit’ Karachi

Forecast expects Arabian Sea low-pressure to form cyclone in 24 hours.

According to Sindh Chief Meteorological Officer Dr. Sardar Sarfraz, a low-pressure region (LPA) has developed over the southeast Arabian Sea in latitude 11.0 N and longitude 66.0 E, which is roughly 1,550 km south of Karachi.

He continued, “Due to good climatic conditions, the system is likely to intensify further into a depression (strong LPA) and proceed first in a northwest direction.

He claimed that the Met Office was closely watching the area of low pressure and that none of Pakistan’s coastal regions are currently in danger.

The cyclonic storm will be known as Cyclone Biparjoy if the low-pressure region does eventually coalesce into one.

It is important to note that Bangladesh is responsible for giving the cyclone its name, Biparjoy.

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