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Dairy farmers Demand Increase in Milk Price

Dairy farmers demand Rs115 per litre increase, rejecting Rs5 hikes.

According to a statement issued by Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali on Wednesday, milk price will now cost Rs140 per litre, up from Rs135.

Shehbaz Rasool Warraich, chairman of the Dairy & Cattle Farmers Association of Pakistan, described the news as a joke with the industry and said it was unacceptable for anyone “with conscience.”

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He requested that, taking into account the rise in production costs, the ex-farm gate price of milk be set at Rs. 220 per litre and the retail price at Rs. 250 per litre. He held the bureaucrats accountable for driving the dairy industry into a ditch through their policies.

He claimed that it is now difficult for farmers to sell milk for less than it costs to produce.

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