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Decision to Confiscate Motorcycles without Number Plates after Jan 22

After January 22, motorcycles without number plates will be confiscate.

Traffic Police Karachi has warned the citizens who drive motorcycles that after January 22 in the city, if there are no front and rear number plates on the motorcycles, there will be no challan, but the motorcycles will be confiscate.

According to Dawn News, the Traffic Police has announced another campaign for motorcyclists violating the law in Karachi, under which the motorcycle whose number plate is not displayed on the front and rear will be fined Rs. 520 for the next 8 days. Challan will be faced.

According to the decision, after 8 days i.e. from January 22, if the number plate is not there, the traffic police will confiscate the motorcycle and the motorcycle will not be returned until the number plate locker is installed.

It should be noted that the traffic police authorities had campaigned many times before against motorcyclists who did not use helmets and thousands of challans were also issued, but despite such measures, citizens still travel without helmets on the roads.

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