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Did you know, How to Recover a Google Account?

Use Google troubleshooter to recover your account. Follow instruction.

We will provide advice on how to handle particular Google Account recover issues in this section.

Password forgotten?

To change your password if you’ve forgotten it, go through these steps:

  • Enter your email on the login screen.
  • Choose “Next” and then “Forgot password?”
  • Choose the authentication method you want to use from the choices shown to you (such as sending a pin to a trusted device or receiving a text message prompt).
  • Enter your new password after finishing your selected authentication method and any required security questions.

Have you forgotten your email address or username?

Follow these steps to restore your login information, such as your email address (which also serves as your username):

  • Click “Forgot email?” on the login screen.
  • Your phone number or recovery email should be entered.
  • Enter the name that appears on your Google Account.
  • To send a confirmation email or text message, click “Send”.
  • Send the email or text message and enter the verification code.

Recover an account that was hacked

It’s possible that the hacker changed your password if you suspect that your account has been hacked and you are unable to check in.

The good news is that you can alter it once more, granting you access and kicking the hacker out of your account. To do this:

  • Take the actions you would if you had forgotten your password.
  • Log into your account after you’ve changed your password.

How to Restore a Deleted Google Account

By going to the recovery page and entering your email or phone number, you can retrieve a deleted Google Account.

However, if your account has been inactive for longer than two months, you might not be able to retrieve it because the information for your profile will have been permanently removed.

Still having trouble signing into your Google Account?

You might still not be able to access your Google Account even after following all of the above instructions.

This might happen for a variety of reasons, such as not being able to access your recovery email or waiting too long before attempting to recover a deleted account.

The following advice will help you always be able to restore your Account and keep access to your Gmail.

Tips for recovering

Try these suggestions to make the Google recovery procedure simpler.

  • Make sure you always have access to the secondary device you choose to use for two-factor authentication or google account recover.
  • Make sure the correct responses to security questions are succinct, obvious, and unlikely to be forgotten over time.
  • Use whatever password you last used if you can’t recall your most recent one; knowing your prior passwords may aid in the recovery procedure.

Make a replacement Google Account

If you can’t access your primary Google Account, you might think about creating a backup account.

To make it simpler to get your old account back, you can configure your replacement account to use it as your recovery email. Alternatively, a backup account provides you something to utilize in case your primary account is shut out.

Take additional security precautions for protecting your Account

There are several actions you can do to enhance your overall security, even if you still have access to your Google Account.

  • Put two-factor authentication in place. As a result, it will be more difficult for hackers to access your account and simpler for you to retrieve your login and password in the event that you forget them.
  • Create secure passwords. Make careful to choose a lengthy, difficult mix of words, symbols, and numbers to safeguard your Google Account. A password’s length is quite important, so pick one with at least ten characters. Take into consideration utilizing a password manager to further secure your accounts.
  • Watch out for scam emails. Phishing emails, in which hackers pose as reputable senders and persuade victims to click on harmful links, may be sent to your Gmail account. Be cautious if you receive an email that asks you to click a link or reveal information (such your login details). Before responding to an email from someone you believe to be the sender, confirm their legitimacy.

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