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Died 36 people due to fire in American forests

Hawaii forest wildfire claimed 36 lives and displaced many residents.

According to the American Broadcasting Corporation, 6 people were killed yesterday in a fire in the American forests of the state of Hawaii, while all efforts to extinguish the fire were ineffective and the fire continued to spread rapidly.

American forests the main cause of fire spread was strong winds. The fire spread to the nearby town of Lahaina, engulfing several houses. A town was evacuated.

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American forests fire

The wildfire claimed another 30 lives, taking the total to 36 in just 2 days. After the condition of many people deteriorated due to the smoke, they have been shifted to a nearby hospital.

More than a thousand people have been moved to shelters, and tourists and locals are prohibited from going near the forest. Fire brigade vehicles are busy at the spot to extinguish the fire.

According to experts, climate change is the main cause of devastating forest fires. We can save our earth from these unexpected disasters by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle and reducing the use of harmful substances.

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