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Dubai’s Global Village Praises Pakistan Pavilion’s Theme and Design

Dubai's Global Village Praises Pakistan Pavilion's Theme and Design

DUBAI: Global Village, one of the top tourist destinations in Dubai.

Global Village features more than 200 restaurants, the recently constructed House of Fear, and a helium balloon ride that soars 200 feet in the air to give visitors a bird’s-eye view of the city’s skyline.

“The facade for this year is lovely. It’s quite colorful. Executive Marketing Director Jaki Ellenby granted an exclusive interview. “It was inspired by the Lahore Fort, but they added brilliantly colored windows, and each window has a design reflecting the country’s provinces,” she said.

There are many businesses inside the pavilion, some of which, according to her, provide crafts that are a vanishing tradition in the nation. “We have female carpet weavers. Additionally, there are shoemakers here who work with leather to create exquisite slippers and shoes from Pakistan.

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A Pakistani guy with a PhD in physics who enjoys art as a pastime opened an art business, which particularly excites Ellenby. He was persuaded to utilise Global Village to display his ability by his son, a resident of Dubai. Bundoo Khan, though, maybe the thing that has her most enthused.

Bundoo Khan has visited Global Village ever since it opened. It’s a favourite among the entire crew here. In fact, going there on the first night has kind of become a ritual for the crew.

There are 26 pavilions of different nations, including two new entrants, Qatar and Oman, aside from Pakistan. 2020 had 4.5 million visits to Global Village during the epidemic. With 7.8 million visitors, it enjoyed its best season the previous year. The organisers want to surpass that amount this year.

We’ve been succeeding greatly (so far). It is quite well-liked. I believe people have been quite thrilled since we had a record-breaking opening day, said Ellenby.

Global Village “Design week” solidifies Dubai’s position as the world’s new cultural hub

Even though Expo isn’t taking place this year, we’ve observed an increase in people, so who knows where we’ll finish up. Instead of having many visitors, having content guests is what matters most to us.

More than 250 restaurants, cafés, and street food alternatives can be found in Global Village, along with 3,500 retail establishments and 40,000 performances.

To give you an idea, Ellenby added, “with our main stage, our kid’s theatre, and of course, all the amazing cultural acts that are in each of the pavilions, we have over 400 different performers from across the world.” The current season of Global Village will run through April 29, 2023, with entry ticket prices starting at Dh18.

An enterprise incubator Ellenby stated, “We are a very well-known tourist destination in the region,” while discussing the effect Global Village has on Dubai’s reputation as a major international commercial centre.  The fact that Global Village also acts as a business partner and an incubator for a large number of companies is less widely recognised.

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