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Duration of Lunar Eclipse will be 4 hours in different Countries

Lunar eclipse will last for more than 4 hours today in most countries.

The lunar eclipse of the moon has started today in most of the countries of America and Europe, which will continue for more than 4 hours. This year, the second partial lunar eclipse will be seen on September 17.

According to the details, the lunar eclipse started at 9:53 am on March 25, it will peak at 12:12 pm and end at 2:32 pm. The total eclipse duration is estimated to be 4 hours 40 minutes.

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The Department of Meteorology says that the first lunar eclipse of this year, which is being seen today, will not be seen by the citizens of Pakistan and India, while it will be visible in the countries of America and Europe, Africa, Australia, North and East Asia.

A eclipse refers to the coming of the Earth between the Sun and the Moon, as a result of which the inhabitants of the Earth see the shadow of the Earth falling on the Moon, and thus the light of the Moon dims and sometimes disappears.

Experts say that during a partial eclipse, very little shadow of the earth is visible on the moon, so today’s eclipse will not cover any part of the moon. The den is visible.

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