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ECP Rejects Plea for Rerun of PTI Imran Khan Intra-Party Election

ECP rejects Akbar S. Babar’s plea for PTI’s internal election rerun.

Babar asserted that the December 2 election was illegitimate. Reruns were not a feasible option, according to the ECP, which denied the request. Nonetheless, the ECP set a hearing for December 12 and accepted additional petitions pertaining to the intra-party election.

A Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ECP member underlined the Election Commission Act’s Section 215’s clarity on the subject and the possible repercussions of neglecting to hold intra-party elections.

At the hearing, Akbar S. Babar argued that the December 2 election was rigged and urged a new election under ECP oversight.

Earlier, the ECP received a petition contesting the PTI’s intra-party election in which Barrister Gohar Khan defeated Imran Khan to become the party chairman. The petition alleged that the constitutional provisions were not followed in the intra-party elections. This happens in response to Akbar S. Babar’s declaration that he would run in the PTI’s internal election.

The ECP upheld its ruling, claiming that there was no justification for holding the intra-party elections again, in spite of the request for a rerun.

In the meantime, the ECP resolved to hold Fawad Chaudry, a former federal minister, and Imran Khan in contempt at the Adiala jail in Rawalpindi. The trial is scheduled to begin on December 13.

The interior ministry was given a two-day deadline by the election commission to make the required preparations in this regard. At the subsequent hearing, it has chosen to indict Fawad and Imran.

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