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Faisalabad Citizens Killed Robbers by Firing

Faisalabad incident: 1 bandit killed & another injured during robbery.

Eyewitnesses told Faisalabad police that two robbers tried to rob some citizens before crossfire.

The police response unit reached the spot after receiving an emergency call and shifted the dead and injured accused to the hospital for treatment.

The police have come under fire from the community for not doing anything to stop thieves who are freely robbing people of their cash and valuables.

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Reasons for increasing crime in Faisalabad

Pakistan’s crime statistics show that, like other countries in the world, the number of reported crimes is increasing rapidly over time.

This is due to unemployment, rising poverty, and inflation. Some other non-economic factors are also responsible for this.

Robbery incidents have also increased in many areas, making people feel insecure even in their homes. The main reason for this is a low level of literacy, unemployment which forces people to commit crimes.

Currently, every major city in Pakistan is suffering from high rates of violent crime. These crimes include juvenile delinquency, the main causes of which are money, land, sexual assault, illiteracy, honor killings, long-standing enmity and drugs.

How to avoid crime

  • If the Pakistani government wants to reduce the crime rate, it should
  • Taxes, defense spending, loans, grants and poverty levels in the nation have to be reduced.
  • To reduce unemployment, the Pakistani government should create an economic environment that encourages new jobs and stable inflation.
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