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Fakhar Zaman Ruled Out Due to His Knee Injury

Fakhar Zaman out of Pakistan’s T20 World Cup match vs. South Africa.

His participation in the duration of the tournament is also uncertain as a result of the Fakhar Zaman knee injury.

The player and the management were aware of the risks of including him in the world cup squad, according to Dr. Najeeb Soomro, chief medical officer of PCB and the Pakistan team doctor, who spoke to the media in Sydney.

“We know that Fakhar suffered a knee injury at the Asia Cup about seven weeks ago. He has been tremendously brave, resilient, and hard-working to return to the team. He underwent intensive therapy before making his way back into the team,” said Dr. Najeeb.

“It obviously takes time for a knee injury to fully recover. Fakhar and the team were aware of the dangers of going into the competition, therefore we were able to get him in. You witnessed his performance in the previous game.

According to the PCB’s Top Medical Officer

Unfortunately had a slight twist, which made his injury worse. He has undergone scans, and they have revealed no new injuries. He does not, however, fall 100 percent.

Fakhar is currently doing well, according to Dr. Soomro, and the medical staff is collaborating with him.

The physician said when asked if Fakhar was brought to the team too soon for the competition that the PCB’s medical panel was closely watching the batter and he was performing well.

“We understood the dangers of his return. He is obviously a key member of the team; the medical staff, the player, and the team management were all aware of this. Because sports require taking risks, we agreed to allow him to play again.

It is terrible that occasionally you have a slight response to anything, but he was quite brave, and we worked very hard to get him back in,” the man stated.

The team management is determining whether a replacement is necessary while Fakhar’s absence from tomorrow’s game has been confirmed by the Pakistani team spokeswoman.

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