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FBR Freezes PR Accounts, Recuperates Rs60MN

FBR freezes PR accounts, recuperates Rs60mn

FBR freezes Pakistan Railways’ bank accounts, reclaims Rs60 million.

FBR Freezes PR accounts were reinstated, though, after the PR asked the court to enjoin the FBR and was granted a stay. Despite this, the FBR has not returned the money that was recovered because the court ordered that the matter be resolved financially within a month.

It was discovered that the PR failed to pay the FBR Rs60 million in income tax for the year 2007.

However, they said, the FBR officials had double the sum, including the penalties, and were not only unwilling to pay attention to and accept the documentation evidence.

In this regard, CFO Ziaullah Niazi argued that the FBR was unable to collect tax on tickets purchased in economy class, noting that this class of travel was already subject to the FBR’s rules.

The sum to be recovered from the railway account is also needless, and the FBR should restore this money to the railways, he continued. “The railway authorities have given the FBR officials all the proofs every time, but they are not paying attention to this,” he said.


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