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First Dinosaur Theme Park in Karachi Opened for Public

KARACHI: Pakistan 1st dinosaur theme park opens in Karachi’s Clifton.

The newly built dinosaur park in Safari Park was opened on Saturday by Karachi Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab.

Speaking to the media, the mayor claimed that Karachi now had its first modern dinosaur park.

He said the park is an acre in size and stands out as a cutting-edge, educational location that perfectly reflects the spirit of the dinosaur age.

However, This is the first and largest park in Karachi devoted to disseminating information about dinosaurs.

It’s aimed towards kids and families and has animatronic dinosaurs roaming the park.

The giant-sized model dinosaurs that wander the park’s grounds are its most distinctive feature.

However, Women and children in the Park experience fear as they hear dinosaurs roaring and wailing all around them.

The atmosphere of the park is loaded with adventure and provides the best fun for kids.

However, The nicest part about the park’s 20-meter-tall dinosaurs is that youngsters can easily ride them.

They encountered a distinct environment of fear and terror on Sunday, complete with vivid lights and frightful background music.

Dino Safari Park

Dino Safari Park in this city was opened by the mayor on Saturday. Salman Abdullah Murad, the deputy mayor of Karachi, the town chairperson, the UC chairs, and the PPP office holders were in his company.

Barrister Murtaza said that the park also has living dinosaurs. He claimed that it was Pakistan’s most up-to-date dinosaur park.

According to him, the Sindh government’s Rs. 10 million fund was used to prepare the park.

There are 12 dinosaurs throughout the park for both kids and adults to enjoy. The government will give the people more entertainment options.

However, He added that the Dino Park had been made accessible to locals and that there will be construction in every part of the city.

He claimed that working for the people was Bilawal Bhutto’s vision. The level of entertainment had improved,

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