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First electric SUV vehicle launched in Pakistan

Electric SUV vehicle is being introduced for the first time in Pakistan.

In this blog we will tell you the specification details of Pakistan’s first electric SUV. The review of this vehicle has been taken from Mr. Nafees before the launch.

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Which company car is this?

At present this is the first electric vehicle in Pakistan which is going to be a local symbol. Which is being launched by Cyrus 3 Company.

Because every company calls for test drive vehicles, earlier the test drive CP unit of this vehicle also came in the market, in which the steering was on the left side and the test drive of this vehicle was very good, due to which now these CP units have come and This car is ready to be a local symbol.

Is it fully electric?

Yes, it is completely electric which can give you a range of 400 km on just one charge.

What is new in its front profile?

Its front profile has tiger-shaped eyes along with parking points, a parking camera below it and the car is a full-electric vehicle, along with six airbags to keep the lives of the occupants safe.

Talking about the front profile, mostly cars used to get front grille but since it is fully electric, it has been kept digital and not physical. This vehicle is garnished with silver and black exterior line which looks very attractive and makes it more unique and good. The vehicle’s indicators are also unique, which are reflective inside the side mirrors and inside the back. It also has fog light which also works as corner light (indicators) when turning the car.

This car will give you the same look as the usual issue vehicles in Pakistan. First you see the Cyrus 3 company symbol on the front above the digital grille, and below that is the space for the number plate.

With all these features, the front profile of this car gives a very elegant look.

What is given in the side profile?

When we look at the side profile of this vehicle, the first thing we notice is its wheel size is 225, 55, 18 with low rim and tire pressure sensor. The advantage of which is that if any tire looses its pressure while going up the road or it gets punctured, it will immediately start giving you notifications.

A side mirror is also provided towards the side profile. This side mirror is provided with color combination. In the same mirror, a 3D camera is also provided at the bottom, which will be a 360 view.

Thumb sensor has been given to open the doors of this vehicle, apart from this you can open it with manual key and electric as well.

  • Charging point

It has two types of charging points, one is for normal charging and the other is for fast charging called CSS2, one point is for charging at home and the other is for commercial charging. The point is made.

It is the first electric vehicle to be introduced in Pakistan with CSS2 and it gives a range of 400 km compared to other vehicles.

  • Battery

A 49.3 kwh battery is used in this electric vehicle, which is the highest level of battery.

  • Charging timing

You can charge the car normally in six hours while fast charge can be done in half an hour.

Back profile features

The back profile first has the shark fin followed by the high-mout stop lamps, the fog lights below it and the main backlight LED which is a very nice light. Indicators are also provided in the backlights.

It comes with a manual boot with plenty of space to hold the charger and other accessories, there is also an extra tire which is the same size as the car.

Car interior amenities

As soon as you sit in the car, you get an expansive feeling, because it is a completely soundless car, its AC vents have been changed, the normal grills have been replaced with turbine shape, its leather-right interior, its buttons. Extraordinary are the best buttons that don’t get damaged.

Its infotainment screen also features an AC on/off function, and it also has an Android panel, which you can use as you wish. The color of this vehicle is kept in the middle, which can be sorted immediately if it gets dirty.

It also has a full moon sunroof which is also known as a panoramic sunroof, sunglasses holder is also provided in the car which is seen in very few cars but now it has become a necessity of every car. The front and rear seats of this vehicle are quite comfortable.

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What does the bonnet of this car look like?

If we talk about its bonnet, then all the physical parts will be kept in front of it, meaning there is no need to open the entire bonnet again and again.

How can we buy Pakistan’s first electric vehicle?

This electric SUV of Cyrus 3 company is going to be seen on the roads of Pakistan soon. If someone wants to buy a CBU unit, the price is 1 crore 18 lakhs, while the booking is from 50 lakh, and if someone wants to buy a CKD, which the Chinese people will come here and assemble themselves, then you can book it in March. Its booking is from 3 lakh and the price is 92 lakh.

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