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‘Fish Rain’ in a Small Town of Australia

Australia Small Town Experiences ‘Fish Rain’ – Unusual Meteorological.

Fish Rain occurred after a violent rainfall at Lajamanu, a remote town in the Northern Territory 560 kilometers south of Darwin. People were surprised to see fish amid the downpour, According to the New York Post.

According to Andrew Johnson Japanangka, a Lajamanu resident and Central Desert councilor, at first many assumed it was just Rain. When the fish started to fall, youngsters from the neighborhood rushed to save them.

I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet, so who am I to judge?

Japanangka stated, Fishes still alive as they descended from the sky and although having witnessed similar instances in the past, he taken aback by Phenomenon. People believe it to be a supernatural blessing.

The same fish rain phenomenon was reported in Lajamanu in 2004 and 1974, and it reappeared in 2010. Weather specialists attribute such instances to violent updrafts, such as Tornadoes, which drain rivers of water and fish.

These updrafts carry the fish for several kilometers before dropping as rain during a storm. Penny McDonald recalled a similar situation from 40 years ago. The dirt walks outside her house covered in fish when she awakened in the morning.

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What Causes Fish Fall From the Sky?

Normally, fish do not fall from the sky, but this odd meteorological event is possible, albeit rare. Strong air disturbances, such as tornadoes, can raise water and fish into the air, which is the best explanation for this strange event.

Fish Rain in a Small Town of Australia

The tornado can then carry them for a short distance. When the tornado weakens, its force is no longer capable of lifting anything off the ground, and it begins to rain fish.

This is sometimes known as Animal Rainfall. However, it is most frequently known as Raining Fish.


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