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General Election 2024: PTI Announces Election Manifesto

Leader of PTI Barrister Gohar has announced the election manifesto.

Leader of PTI Barrister Gohar Khan has announced the election manifesto for the general elections 2024 to be held on February 8.

While holding a press conference, Barrister Gohar Khan presented the election manifesto that the five-year term of the assembly would be reduced to four years. It won’t be from NZ.

Barrister Gohar Khan said that in the manifesto we have kept a lot for the youth, we will facilitate them and conduct an awareness campaign for population control.

He said that a glorious future and getting rid of the bad past is our slogan, we want a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be established. There is also a slogan that one nation with the same laws, all will be equal.

He said that PTI’s vision is to establish Madina state in the country, there cannot be two separate laws for the rich and the poor in one country, the rule of law is the basic principle of the whole world, we also want the rule of law in the country.

More emphasis should be placed on governance, everyone will live in their own circle and perform legal duties, then there will be one law for all.

Criminal Procedure Court

Barrister Gohar Khan said that the copy of the manifesto will be brought out soon, we are completely different from all these parties, we will bring the criminal procedure court for the protection of the people, the difficulties that have come to us in 2 years are in front of everyone, our manifesto It includes a new Pakistan and a new system of change.

He said that the economic wheel will accelerate and Pakistan will develop. It is a part of our manifesto. For the development of the country, there should be a good government. With a good government, economic problems can be solved.

Bring reforms in the economy as well. will bring reforms in tax schemes to bring those who do not pay tax into the tax net.

He said that the mission of increasing local industry is also included in the manifesto, wherever privatization is needed, it will be done soon, by increasing income and reducing debts, taking steps to improve the agricultural sector and farmers.

Barrister Gohar Khan said that we will restart the scheme that was in the previous government for the environment, for the health sector, our slogan is a healthy and prosperous people, live Pakistan, we introduced the health card in the previous government. will increase further.

The PTI leader said that education is very important for the development of any country, reforms will be brought in the education sector, if there is education and skills in the country, then jobs will be available, reforms in the education system will bring a uniform for all.

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