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Gigi Hadid Makes First Statement After being Released

Agent suggests the Gigi Hadid’s detainment for marijuana possession.

“Gigi Hadid was travelling with marijuana she had legally acquired in New York City with a medical ID. In Grand Cayman, it has been lawful for medicinal purposes since 2017 as well, according to the supermodel’s agent, who spoke to PA.

The model’s agent asserted that “her record remains clear and she enjoyed the rest of her time on the island.”

It was earlier stated that Hadid and a buddy were detained as soon as they landed at the Owen Roberts International Airport when customs officers discovered cannabis in their suitcases.

Before being released on bail, Gigi and her friend reportedly went to a correctional facility.

E! News had earlier reported that a regional news source had stated that the model and her friend had appeared in court on July 12 and had formally been accused and pled guilty. They each received a $1,000 fine, but there was no formal conviction.

“All’s well that ends well,” Gigi captioned a series of photos she posted to her Instagram on Tuesday from her fun-filled times with friends at a beach while co-hosting the Netflix competition show Next In Fashion.

Many of her fans commented on the post, asking if she had been detained.

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