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Goodness is Now a Flaw in this World

Concept that goodness may be perceived as a flaw in our complex world.

A developing paradox is emerging as society changes: some people now see the goodness as a flaw in the world. There is a similar story.

They used to go and the women stayed in the village, one day all the men had gone out of the village to work, when robbers on horses came to the village, the robbers started looting, but what did they get from the houses of the workers.

When the robbers did not find anything to loot, the leader of the robbers told all the robbers to rob the honor of the women. It was heard that robbers entered all the houses and started robbing women.

When a robber entered a house, the brave woman living in that house cut off the robber’s head with a spear. When the robbers went back after stealing their honors, all the women came out of their houses crying and started telling each other their own stories.

In the meantime, that brave woman also left the house, she was holding the severed head of the robber in her hand. All the women were surprised to see this scene and asked him what was the matter.

This brave woman said that when the robber entered my house, I thought that I will not let this robber succeed in my life. He can steal my honor by killing me. Thinking this, I attacked him and killed him. All the women praised his bravery.

After some time passed, a Siani woman said that if we tell our husbands what happened, they will leave us, so all the women promise not to tell their husbands.

Everyone promised, but one woman said that we will not tell anything, but the one who took off the robber’s head will proudly tell her husband and then this secret will be revealed.

Women Consulted

On this, all the women consulted that why should this woman be killed, neither the bamboo nor the flute will be played.

So all the women together killed this respectable lady. That respectable woman died and all disrespected women became respectable in front of their husbands.

This is the situation of our society today. All unbelievers are killing a believer. The thieves are killing a Sharif together. All the corrupt are killing the one who does not accept bribes.

In university, if a girl doesn’t have a boyfriend, instead of being respected, all the boyfriend-holding girls make fun of her, calling her thick and masochistic, isolating her and making her feel like she’s not.

There is no deficiency in me, so no boy has touched her. A boy who does not have a girlfriend is ridiculed. In a department, when someone does not do wrong by taking bribe, he is called bad, a complaint is made to his superiors, issues are collected against him and even he is transferred.

If a teacher in the university does not give illegal marks, then all the teachers call him bad, he is called Khadros, then small issues are made against him, even his colleagues come to boycott him.

Trader does not take illegal profits, the whole market turns against him and no one wants to do business with him.

If a bureaucrat is not corrupt or does not do illegal activities of politicians, a privilege motion is submitted against him in the assembly.

Therefore, the whole society of this village is on the thought of disrespectful women that if a believer is on the right path, then eliminate him so that no one thinks bad of him.


But has anyone ever wondered how we have become so morally degraded. According to sociologists, there are four institutions of child education. The first institution is the home, i.e. the parents who educate the child, but in our country, due to undue pampering and busyness, the parents have given up the task of educating the children.

The second institution is a religious school, but in our society, the imam of the mosque is considered less and the maulvi is considered to have a very low status. Since the salary of the imam or maulvi also has to be paid by the villagers, the maulvi or imam of the mosque also left the work of training and started worrying about his livelihood.

The third institution is a school, so there is no such thing as training in our schools, only education is left. Even the teachers in the schools thought it safe to withdraw their hands from the training because the parents’ undue love has spoiled the children.

If a teacher even tries to train, parents say you only teach books. The formula of love, even if you don’t give up, took it out.

Corrupted Entire Society

The fourth institution is the society and our society has caught a simple word that “Saanu Ki” has corrupted the entire society. There was a time when the boys standing in the street used to run away after seeing the elder coming, fearing that he would be reprimanded.

Now the elders see the boys standing in the street and think it is safe to change their path. When the children used to fight in the street, any elder in the neighborhood would scold them or even slap them and if the children came home and told them, the parents would say it must be your fault, they did well.

Now if an elder scolds a child, his parents say who are you to scold our child. When these four institutions have left their own work, only people like women who have lost their honor will be born in the society, and even if a person like a respectable woman comes out by luck, everyone will kill her.

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