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Government Allowed Teachers to Carry Guns for Protection

Government of US Tennessee allowed teachers to carry guns for safety.

A year after a deadly shooting at an elementary school in the state, legislators in the US state of Tennessee approved a law on Tuesday allowing teachers, principals, and other school employees to carry concealed guns.

The law was forwarded to Governor law Lee, who has reportedly never vetoed a bill and has previously stated he is “open” to the concept of carrying a gun, after it passed the state’s House of Representatives and Senate earlier in April.

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The law lays out a number of conditions, including 40 hours of “basic training in school policing” and an additional 40 hours of training annually, that must be fulfilled by school staff members before they are allowed to carry pistols.

The legislation was passed slightly over a year after a shooter opened fire at a Nashville elementary school, killing three students and three staff members before being shot and killed by police.

Following the shooting, two Democratic lawmakers spearheaded gun control demonstrations in the state capitol, but they were dismissed by the Republican-led legislature of Tennessee.

In the wake of school shootings, requests for more gun control laws are surprisingly frequent in the US.

However, there has been little federal action on the matter, enabling states and local councils to implement their own gun laws, which can vary greatly throughout jurisdictions.

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