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How is a Bachelor of Arts Degree Earned?

Exploring Bachelor of Arts: Durations, Curriculum, and Educational.

The Bachelor of Arts is a broad interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program that includes a broad range of general education, elective and study courses. This degree is obtained from a college or university.

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One of the most popular undergraduate degrees in the US is the Bachelor of Arts (BA). A BA usually requires three to four years of full-time study, during which you will often focus on subjects in the humanities, social sciences and arts. A BA program can provide a solid foundation for a variety of career options.

How do you Earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree?

Earning your Bachelor of Arts degree typically involves four years of study. You can extend this by choosing to study part-time. For the first two years, you typically focus on completing coursework in a variety of subjects, including social studies, humanities, languages, mathematics, sciences, and the arts, to give you a broad base of knowledge. are made.

For the final years of study, you will focus primarily on coursework in your major. Different colleges will have different lists of majors, so this should also be considered when choosing a university.

If you are interested in two fields, it is possible to major in both, known as a double major.

Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Arts

Admission requirements for BA vary by course and college. In general, you must have a certain GPA along with an academic record and standardized test scores. If you are going to study in the United States from abroad, you may need to pass an English language proficiency test.

What Courses are Chosen to Earn a Bachelor of Arts?

Bachelor of Arts can be studied in various fields. Here are some popular BA majors

. Economics

. Education

. English

. Geography

. History

. Journalism

. media

. Philosophy

. The study of politics

. Psychology

. Religious research

. The studio

. Drama and Theatre

. Anthropology

. Biology

. Communication

The list is virtually limitless, and different colleges may offer variations of the same course with minor name and core class changes.

What transferable skills will a Bachelor of Arts provide?

The purpose of a BA is to help you gain transferable skills that you can apply in the workplace after you graduate. These highly valued interpersonal skills, which are essential for most professional tasks, you will often study the following transferable skills as part of the BA.

. Communication

A degree involves working with others, expressing ideas, delivering presentations, and writing papers. You can apply these important communication skills in the workplace.

. Project management

Sometimes during the degree, you lead teams through projects and learn to delegate tasks, consider all parties and make decisions.

. Teamwork and cooperation

Through your degree, you work with different people and learn to interact with different people at different levels. You can collaborate on projects with people from different backgrounds and learn to listen to other perspectives, opinions and ideas.

. Problem Solving

A degree enhances problem-solving skills when testing hypotheses and designing solutions.

. Time management

Getting a degree teaches you how to work independently, manage your time, and think independently. Additionally, you may have to balance work and school while developing important time management skills.

. Flexibility

By degrees, correcting your work, and admitting that not everything goes the way you want it to the first time. You learn the flexibility to move forward and make needed changes.

. Self confidence

Having a degree can help you feel more confident about your subject knowledge and your ability to work with different people and approach new situations.

Jobs in Various Vields with Bachelor of Arts Degree

A Bachelor of Arts can lead to career opportunities in all fields, from arts to business to science to law. College graduates are more likely to be employed than non-graduates, but they are also paid significantly more. On average, the starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor’s degree was $1.57 million in 2020, an increase from previous years despite the pandemic.

Having a degree often demonstrates the necessary level of education and development of transferable skills that many businesses are looking for. Job prospects will often depend on your major.

Graduates are more likely to apply for posts and internships designed to propel applicants into more senior roles as well as management opportunities.

Some majors can result in higher salaries. One of the highest paying professions is technology. The average salary for a postgraduate degree in computer science for the class of 2020 is $85,766.

What are the Options for Further Study?

After completing a Bachelor of Arts, many graduates expand their subject knowledge with a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MS) in their chosen field or related field. This can open up opportunities for more advanced roles that require a master’s degree.

Other options for further study include a Master of Business Administration for jobs in business or a terminal degree for careers in medicine, law, education, arts or architecture.

Next Steps

By completing your bachelor’s degree online from a reputable university, you can learn how to start a career, advance in your current position, or change career fields.

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