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How to Celebrate Independence Day Responsibly in Pakistan

Pakistan set to celebrate 77th Independence Day on August 14, 2023.

It has been 76 years since the people of Pakistan were freed from British colonialism. Independence Day is celebrated in Pakistan with great enthusiasm, passion, and joy.

However, like all special occasions, we should make sure to observe this day carefully. This blog is about celebrating Independence Day responsibly.

Let’s take a look at all the things you should do on August 14 to celebrate Independence Day and what not to do on the day.

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Celebrating Independence Day responsibly in Pakistan

So, here are some things that you absolutely should not do while celebrating Independence Day.

Do not block roads unnecessarily

Mostly young people throng the streets to celebrate Independence Day. Due to this, the roads get blocked and the traffic gets jammed.

Instead of blocking the roads unnecessarily, people should reserve special places to celebrate with the permission of the authorities. Let’s do our duty to be good Pakistanis, and don’t disrupt the traffic.

Do not drive a car or bike at a dangerous speed

Speeding is dangerous. Even doing this on Independence Day is completely unnecessary, you don’t need to drive or ride at potentially deadly speeds on the roads.

Performing stunts on a public road is not only dangerous but also deadly. If such thoughts cross your mind, choose wisely by choosing to celebrate at home with friends and family.

Avoid unnecessary gatherings in public places

On Independence Day 14th August, people like to go to public places to witness the celebrations with their friends.

You may want to take a stroll in the nearby park while enjoying your favorite ice cream or indulge in some window shopping.

However, we must be aware of our movements and ensure that we do not overcrowd a place.

Playing loud music

When people play loud music, national anthems, etc. to celebrate August 14, it creates disturbance in streets and homes.

Take care of each other and avoid disturbing your neighbors while celebrating.

Do not disrespect the flags on Pakistan’s Independence Day

Flags look like small pieces of paper, but actually, they are our identity. Therefore, they should be respected.

By placing them here and there, they fall in places and come under the feet, which should be avoided.

Let’s celebrate Independence Day responsibly and be grateful to Allah Almighty for our country, pray for the safety of the country.

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