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Important initiative of the Ministry of Health for smoking

The Health Ministry urges cigarette manufacturers: to curb smoking.

The Ministry of Health reportedly sent these letters to the following smoking tobacco companies: Philip Morris Khyber Tobacco Company, Samson Group National Tobacco Company, Universal Tobacco Company, Sol Tobacco Company, Watan Tobacco Company, Royal Tobacco Company, and Souvenir Tobacco Company.

According to the notification, advertisement or promotional activities of cigarettes are prohibited under anti-smoking regulations, violation of which is punishable with fine and life imprisonment.

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According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, several businesses have been accused of participating in the cigarette advertising campaign. As a result, they have been issued notices for legal violations and asked to provide written justification within 10 days.

The representative said that if there is an unacceptable response, further legal action will be taken. The Government is taking practical and effective measures to stop smoking and promote public health and well-being.

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