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In FY 22-23, Pakistan’s IT Exports were $2,369 Million

FY 2022–Pakistan earned $ 2,369.110M in IT services to global clients.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) revealed that this is a nominal drop of 0.59 percent when compared to the US$2,383.140 million earned through the provision of services during the equivalent months of the fiscal year 2021–22.

The export of computer services decreased by 0.16 percent between July and May (2022-23), from US$ 1,913.360 million to US$ 1,910.39 million in the previous fiscal year.

In terms of exports of computer services, software consultancy services had a 2.38 percent decline from US$ 715.743 million to US$ 698.737 million while hardware consultancy services saw a 114.50 percent increase from US$ 2.448 million to US$ 5.251 million.

While exports of repair and maintenance services climbed to US$ 2.822 million from US$ 1.435 million, the export and import of services connected to computer software increased by 5.47 percent, from US$ 512.167 million to US$ 540.169 million.

Additionally, there was a 2.66 percent drop in the exports of other computer services, from US$ 681.567 million to US$ 663.411 million.

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