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Islam is the Fastest Growing Religion in Japan

Islam thrive global; Japan witness rapid conversion, 110,000-230,000.

Where it has become the new standard. Islam has spread rapidly in Japan in the last ten years and the number of Muslims is increasing rapidly. According to data provided by Waseda University’s Tanada Hirofumi, the number has more than doubled.

As of 2010, there were 110,000 practicing Muslims in Japan. Nevertheless, by the end of 2020, this had increased to around 330,000, with another 50,000 Japanese becoming Muslims.

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Mosques in Japan:

There are also 110 mosques in Japan for Muslim worshippers. Since the beginning of the 1990s, more mosques have been built across the Japanese peninsula, from Okinawa Prefecture to Hokkaido Prefecture. Most are centered in Tokyo, Osaka and other major cities, where there are currently about 90 mosques and prayer rooms across the country. Tokyo Kami, which was completed in 2000 and has space for 1,200 worshippers, is the largest mosque in Japan.

APU professor and president of Bepo Muslim Association Muhammad Tahir Abbas Khan said that BMA’s decision to build more mosques is a positive step for Muslims around the world.

The number of Muslims worldwide is increasing rapidly. It is estimated to reach 2.9 billion, accounting for 26 percent of the world’s population by 2050.

During the bubble economy, Japan became a country with a significant Muslim minority, with the Muslim population growing rapidly. There are currently an estimated 120,000 Muslims living abroad and 10,000 Muslims living in Japan.

The Greater Tokyo Area, the Chokep Metropolitan Area, and the Kinki Region are the three metropolitan areas in Japan where Muslims reside. The Muslim network throughout Japan never stopped growing.

Other Projects:

Most Japanese are unaware of the fact that there are more than 90 mosques in Japan. A number of activities and projects have been launched in recent years with the aim of promoting and better understanding Islam and Muslims. The majority of mosques welcome visitors from Japan and host events where they can participate.

Several hundred Yemeni sailors settled in the port city of Yokohama in the late 19th century, when Islam first made its way to Japan. Over time, a small community of Japanese also converted to Islam.

Muslims in Japan now number between 120,000 and 130,000, or less than 0.1 percent of the country’s total population. Muslims in Japan come from ethnic backgrounds, including Japanese, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and African.

Despite the fact that Japan has a very small Muslim population, interest in Islam has been growing among Japanese people in recent years, with more and more people converting to Islam or showing an interest in learning about the religion. or expressing a desire to learn more about the faith.

According to some experts, this development is the result of Japan’s aging population and declining birth rate, which has increased the demand for foreign workers, especially from Muslim-majority nations.

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