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Islamabad Feeling Earthquake Tremors

Islamabad and nearby areas rattled by magnitude 4.2 earthquake Friday.

The National Seismic Monitoring Center (NSMC) reports that around 6:06 in the morning, earthquake tremors were felt.

The Kalma-e-Tayyaba was recited when people fled their homes in terror. Based on preliminary reports, there has been no loss. It is important to note that the buildings are likely to suffer long-term negative consequences from the tremors that are significantly closer to the surface.

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A 4.1-magnitude earthquake shook Karachi in December of last year.

The seismic specialists were astonished by an earthquake of this size in Karachi since they had never before noted an earthquake of this power with an epicenter in a province capital.

According to Pakistan Meteorological Division (PMD) Director Seismology Division, earthquakes of magnitudes somewhat greater than 3.1 have struck Karachi in the past, with their epicenters being outside of the provincial capital.

However the epicenter of this earthquake was located near DHA, 15 kilometers to the north of Karachi.

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