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Jacqueline Fernandez gets major relief in money laundering case

Court allow Jacqueline travel abroad in Rs 200 crore money laundering.

Jacqueline Fernandez is out on bail in an alleged Rs 200 crore money laundering case but is not allowed to leave India. He filed a petition in the court due to this ban.

In response to his appeal, the Patiala House Court granted him relief and allowed him to leave the country on certain conditions.

The actress has now been allowed to travel abroad after the court noted that she never misused her bail.

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Three days before her departure, Jacqueline Fernandez must report to the court. The actress will get her passport soon, but before that she will have to deposit Rs 50 lakh.

The court ordered that the actress will have to re-submit her passport to the court after traveling abroad.

In a petition before the Patiala House Court, the actress’s lawyer had said that Jacqueline Fernandez’s career as an actor was being affected due to her inability to travel abroad at short notice.

It should be noted that the main accused in the Rs 200 crore money laundering case, Skish Chandrashekhar, is currently in jail. Being a close friend of the accused, Jacqueline Fernandez has participated in the investigation of the case and testified several times in court to show her innocence.

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