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Karachi is Likely to Decrease Temperature 17°C in Next 24 Hours

Karachi is Likely to Decrease Temperature 17°C in Next 24 Hours

PMD reports Karachi low at 16.5° degree Celsius on Wednesday morning.

The Karachi city’s weather is expected to stay dry during the next 24 hours, with a low temperature of 17°C to 19°C and a little fog. Temperatures as high as 31°C to 33°C are possible, according to the Met department. The city has 66% humidity and slowly blowing northeastern winds, according to the report.

Overall impression

The majority of the nation may anticipate chilly, dry weather during the next 12 hours, although plain portions of Punjab may see foggy conditions in the early morning, according to Radio Pakistan.

According to the Met department’s forecast for the following two months, the country is likely to see below-normal air pressure and a weak La Nina scenario.

Overall, it predicted that the country is likely to see normal to below-average precipitation, with the biggest negative departure occurring in the northern half.

While southern Punjab, Balochistan, and Sindh are anticipated to get approximately normal precipitation throughout the predicted season, northern Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan may have below-average precipitation.

The outlook document stated that during the forecast season, “temperatures are expected to remain above normal over northern parts of the country, slightly above normal over western to south-western parts, and nearly normal over eastern parts with a tendency towards below normal night-time temperatures over southwestern parts.”


During the predicted season, a progressive drop in temperatures is anticipated. The country’s Kharif crop harvesting will benefit from the dry circumstances at the beginning of the season.

However, irrigating rabi crops, particularly wheat, at regular intervals is necessary for better development during the initial/vegetative phases.

Dry weather would have a detrimental influence on the country’s urban (Southern and Central Punjab) air quality index. Upper Sindh and southern portions of Punjab will also see dust-raising winds.


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